More efficient teamwork, target-oriented leadership, increasing company success

These and many other objectives can be achieved through personnel development. A development programm accompanied by HILL means:

  • building trust, that change will enrich your company in the long term
  • supporting your employees, so that they can master future challenges
  • developing future leadership skills to achieve sustainable success
  • creating a supportive team culture, which is based on trust and supports collective intelligence

Our offer

HILL development programs and workshops support your organization in order to achieve long-term targets. Main focus are the potentials in your company. With the HILL Competence Analysis, skills and character traits of your employees and managers will become visible, so that strengths can be used ideally. This leads to more efficient team work, target-oriented leadership and eventually lets you achieve the desired company success.

Process of the HILL Personnel Development

Since every organization pursues different targets and wants to develop in different areas, our programs are adjusted and designed to individual needs. Roughly, the following steps are passed:

  • Project briefing: We talk about the development objectives of your company and set, how these can be achieved
  • HILL Competence Analysis: Abilities, strengths and charakter traits of your employees and managers are captured
  • Individual focus: Due to the results of the HILL Competence Analysis, development needs can be determined and a focus set
  • Development: The area of focus will be prepared in a manner, which enables the participants to develop a new mindset and (leadership) behaviour

Currently we offer the following development programs:

  • Management-Audit
  • Management2Leadership
  • Future Talents Program
  • Outplacement